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Self-Care Rituals Quarterly Vision Board Kit

Self-Care Rituals Quarterly Vision Board Kit

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Product Description: 

Introducing our Quarterly Vision Board Kit - Curated to help you manifest your dreams and goals with clarity and intention. Designed for those seeking to amplify their visualization practices, this kit provides the essentials to create a visually inspiring and effective seasonal vision board.

What's inside:

A Self-Care Rituals Workbook + Planner: This comprehensive workbook and planner is designed to help you prioritize your personal wellness and make self-care a part of your daily routine.

  • Early access to monthly vision board workshops: An immersive experience that welcomes creating in community, customers have early access to a monthly virtual vision board workshop, where the cost of the kit will be deducted from the workshop admission fee. Registration details will be emailed after purchase. 
  • One 12" X 12" cork board: This kit includes premium quality, sturdy boards that serve as the foundation for your vision board. These durable boards ensure your vision stays intact for the entire quarter.
  • One sheet of affirmation prompts: Printed on durable card stock, these thoughtfully crafted affirmations inspire positive thinking and self-belief, making them a convenient and empowering tool for personal growth and daily motivation.
  • One sheet of manifestation prompts: These carefully curated messages provide inspirational guides to compliment your collage with powerful manifestation statements.
  • Instructional guide: An easy-to-follow guide with instructions on how to utilize the kit supplies and ways to create an open environment to assemble your vision board.
  • Ten push pins: For a chic, modern touch to keep everything in place. 


**Please note that vision board collage images are NOT included

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